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Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium 88

Time:October 25, 2019   Browse:

Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium 88


Place:C826, Shahe Campus, Beihang University

Time:16:00-17:30, October 25th, 2019

Title:The decays of exotic hadrons in the molecular scenario

Speaker: Dr. Yin Huang

Host:Prof. Lisheng Geng


The decays and production of hadrons is very important in deciphering their internal structure and understanding the non-perturbative QCD. We take the mass of the exotic state as inputs, and calculate the decay width using the compositeness condition method and triangulation method with the help of effective Lagrangians. By comparison with the experimental observation, the current results of the total decay widths support the newly discovered Omega_c(3119) or Omega_c(3050) as DXi molecules and Sigma_b(6227) as a K-barSigma_b molecule.

About the speaker:黄银,澳门新萄京6692 cc-最大平台手机版网址博士后, 2011年6月毕业于重庆师范大学,2017年6月毕业于兰州大学并获得博士学位。2017年10月至今在澳门新萄京6692 cc-最大平台手机版网址澳门新萄京6692 cc耿立升教授组做博士后。其主要研究方向为强子物理和核物理。

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