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Bo Li

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Bo Li

School of Physics

Beihang University

Beijing, China100191.




Ph.D. in Physics,University of Texas at Austin, August 2007.

Dissertation: “Applicationsof noise theory to plasma fluctuations”.

Supervisor: Prof.Richard Hazeltine


B. S. in AppliedPhysics, Xidian University, Xi’an, China, July 2002.


Research Experience

Professor (July,2018-present)

School of Physics, BeihangUniversity, Beijing, China

Assistant Professor (July, 2012-June, 2018)

School of Physics,Peking University, Beijing, China

PostdoctoralAssociate (July, 2010-June, 2012)

Plasma Science andFusion Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Supervisor: Dr. DarinErnst

ResearchAssociate (September, 2007-June, 2010)

Department of Physicsand Astronomy, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Supervisor: Prof.Barrett Rogers

Professional Service

Referee for PhysicalReview Letters, Physical Review E, Physics of Plasmas, Nuclear Fusion, PlasmaPhysics and Controlled Fusion, Journal of Geophysical Research-Space Physics,Plasma Science and Technology, Journal of Plasma Physics.

Invited Presentations

(1) 58th Annual Meeting ofthe APS Division of Plasma Physics, San Jose, California, USA, 4 November 2016

(2) International SherwoodFusion Theory Conference, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 1 May 2017

(3) Chinese Physical SocietyFall Meeting, Beijing, China, 4 September 2016

(4) 18th National Conferenceon Plasma Science and Technology, Xi’an, China, 27 July 2017

(5) 23rd InternationalConference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas, Beijing, China, 16 September2013

(6) 9th Asia Plasma andFusion Association Conference, Gyeongju City, Korea, 6 November 2013


(1) B. Li*, X. Y. Wang, Z. Xie,P. Li and K. Gentle,Phase dynamics of edge transport bifurcation induced byexternal biasing, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion,60, 024001 (2018)(Invited Paper).

(2) Hua-sheng Xie, Z. Lu,andB. Li*,Kinetic Ballooning Mode Under Steep Gradient: High OrderEigenstates and Mode Structure Parity Transition, Physics of Plasmas,25,072106 (2018).

(3) B. Li*, X. Y. Wang, C. K.Sun, C. Meng, A. Zhou, and D. Liu,Edge transport bifurcation in plasmaresistive interchange turbulence, Physics of Plasmas,24, 055905(2017) (Invited Paper).

(4) Hua-sheng Xie, Y. Zhang,Z. Huang, W. Ou andB. Li*,Local Gyrokinetic Study of ElectrostaticMicroinstabilities in Dipole Plasmas, Physics of Plasmas,24, 122115(2017)

(5) Hua-sheng Xie, Y. Li, Z.Lu, W. Ou andB. Li*,Comparisons and Applications of Four IndependentNumerical Approaches for Linear Gyrokinetic Drift Modes, Physics ofPlasmas,24, 072106 (2017).

(6) B. Li,X. Y. Wang, C. K. Sun,A. Zhou, D. Liu, C. H. Ma, and X. G. Wang,Bifurcation and hysteresis ofplasma edge transport in a flux-driven system, Physical Review E,94,043201 (2016)

(7) X. Liao, Z. Lin, I.Holod, Y. Xiao,B. Li,and P. B. Snyder,Microturbulence in DIII-Dtokamak pedestal. III. Effects of collisions, Physics of Plasmas,23,122507 (2016)

(8) X. Liao, Z. Lin, I.Holod,B. Li,and G. Y. Sun,Microturbulence in DIII-D tokamakpedestal. IV. Electrostatic turbulent transport, Physics of Plasmas,23,122305 (2016)

(9) Hua-shengXie andBo Li*,Global theory to understand toroidal drift waves insteep gradient, Physics of Plasmas,23, 082513 (2016).

(10) B. Li, X. Liao, C. Sun, W.Ou, D, Liu, G. Gui, and X. G. Wang,Magnetic curvature effects on plasmainterchange turbulence, Physics of Plasmas,23, 062304 (2016)

(11) B. Li, C. K. Sun, X. Y. Wang,A. Zhou, X. G. Wang, and D. R. Ernst,Fluctuation-induced shear flow andenergy transfer in plasma interchange turbulence, Physics of Plasmas,22,112304 (2015).

(12) B. Liand D. R. Ernst,GyrokineticFokker-Planck Collision Operator, Physical Review Letters,106,195002 (2011)


(13) B. Li,B. N. Rogers, P. Ricci,K. W. Gentle and A. Bhattacharjee,Turbulence and bias-induced flows insimple magnetized toroidal plasmas, Physical Review E,83, 056406, (2011)

(14) B. Chandran,Bo Li,B. N. Rogers, E. Quataert, and K. Germaschewski,Perpendicular Ion Heatingby Low-frequency Alfven-wave Turbulence in the Solar Wind, The AstrophysicalJournal,720,503-515 (2010).


(15) B. Li,B. N. Rogers, P. Ricci,and K. W. Gentle, Plasma transport and turbulence in the Helimak: Simulationand experiment, Physics of Plasmas, 16, 082510 (2009).

(16) B. Li,R. D. Hazeltine and K.W. Gentle,Plasma fluctuations as Markovian noise, Physical Review E,76,066402 (2007).

(17) B. Liand R. D. Hazeltine,Applicationsof noise theory to plasma fluctuations, Physical Review E,73, 065402(R)(2006).

(18) L. J. Zheng,B. Li,R. D. Hazeltine,Bifurcated states of the error-field-induced magneticislands, Physics Letters A,372, 2056-2060 (2008).

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