Physics and New Energy Technology in 21st century

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Physics and New Energy Technology in 21st century

--The SPNEE International Sub-forum of 8th Graduate Students Academic Forum

The International Graduate International Students Academic Forum of Beihang University is launched by the Graduate School of Beihang University, hosted by the Graduate Student Union and undertaken by sub-unions of each college. It intends to enhance academic exchanges between graduate students of Beihang University and world first-class universities, promote excellent academic atmosphere, and especially improve the overall quality of graduate theses and the overall degree of academic internationalization.

The SPNEE International Academic Forum is the Sub-forum of International Graduate Students Academic Forum, This is the first time that the School of Physics and Nuclear Energy Engineering organizes International Sub-forum of Postgraduate Academic Forum. We aim to provide master and PhD students a high standing-point, deep and cutting edge academic exchanging platform, enhancing the communication, cooperation and friendship among graduates at home and abroad.

To enhance the cooperation and communication between Beihang University and world first-class universities in the field of nuclear science and material science, to broaden students' professional horizons, students from Osaka University, Tohoku University,Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Université Blaise Pascal, Victoria University, Uppsala University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and University of Queensland were invited by the college to exchange experience with our students.

The fields involve:

1) Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics

2) Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Medicine

3) Material Physics and Chemistry

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