Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium 41

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Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium 41


Place:Room 316, Main Building, Beihang University

Time:10:00-12:00, October 25, 2017

Title:Three-body dynamics in scattering and in finite volume

Speaker:Michael Doring, the George Washington University


Three-body channels play a relevant and sometimes dominant role at the energies of the resonance region. With dispersion relations a manifestly three body unitary amplitude is derived. It could be used for data analysis of experiments like BES, COMPASS, or GlueX in the future. In view of upcoming lattice QCD calculations concerning three-body systems, unitarity identifies the imaginary parts of the amplitude where all particles are on-shell. Such states induce the leading power-law finite-volume effects that need to be known to extrapolate to the infinite volume. This extrapolation is demonstrated for spinless particles and one spinless isobar.

About the speaker:

M. Doring finished his PhD in 2007 at the University of Valencia. He

spent three years at Research Centre Julich and then another three

years at Bonn University as a postdoc in the group of U.-G. Meissner.

Since 2014 he works as an assistant professor at the George Washington

University in Washington, DC. In 2015 he was a awarded a "career grant"

of the National Science Foundation.

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