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Indicates varieties we highly recommend

Hadspen Blue - Small. A very powdery blue hosta with heart-shaped leaves of excellent substance.  Forms a compact clump.   $10.00

Halcyon - Medium. A popular classic blue hosta with spear-shaped leaves of excellent substance.  A favorite award winning blue with a good growth rate. An excellent companion to ‘June.’   $10.00

Hanky Panky PP# 16,217 - Medium.  One of the more unique hostas recently introduced to the market, this naturally occurring sport of the popular 'Striptease' changes in appearance throughout the season.  As with its parent plant, this one has an ivory halo that separates the green center from the limey margin.  With the heat of summer, the center of the leaf changes to a creamy yellow as the margin turns nearly white.  We are excited to offer 'Hanky Panky' at Shades of Green, so be sure to be one of the first to acquire this plant.  $25.00   

Heart and Soul - Small.  The color combination of this hosta makes it one of the brightest small varieties in the landscape!  Bright yellow-gold heart-shaped leaves have an attractive green edge.  The clump form is compact and the leaves have great substance.  A superb new hosta introduction!  $20.00

High Kicker - Large. Erect green leaves have a very wavy edge and form an arching mound. Leaf undersides have a very chalky appearance.  Unique stringing flower clusters form on arching bloom scapes.   $30.00

High Society PP#17,313 - $24.00

Hillbilly Blues – Medium. This new hosta has deeply veined, flat blue leaves and a low growth habit. Each new leaf displays a powdery coating; light lavender blooms very late in the summer.   $20.00

Hirao Majesty - Large. A specimen plant. Large, shiny dark green leaves that form a spreading mound.  Dense clusters of lavender flowers are produced on tall stems  A tetraploid. Sorry, not available for 2008.   $25.00

Hirao Supreme - Large. Wavy green leaves that form a huge mound; another tetraploid. Sorry, not available for 2008.   $25.00

His Honor - Large.  This is another large-leaved hosta variety with texture.  Nicely variegated rugose green leaves are edged with a light green margin that changes to gold in late summer.  New to the market and sure to make a nice specimen due to it's size.  $32.00

Hollywood Lights PP#17,296 Large.  $30

Holy Mole - Large.  A new hosta with great potential, this is another sport of the popular hosta 'Guacamole' that has good sun tolerance and large fragrant flowers in August.  Large dark green leaves have a lighter green center with  excellent substance.  This hosta is guaranteed to be a great grower and a showpiece in the landscape.  $25.00   

Honeybells - Large. Shiny light green leaves forming an arching clump.  This older variety tolerates sun well and has large, fragrant light lavender flowers in late summer.   $7.00

Hoosier Harmony - Large. A sport of ‘Royal Standard.’ Leaves have a chartreuse center and a green margin.  Its rapid growth, good sun tolerance and fragrant white flowers make it a great choice for sunnier areas and a nice complement to the classic ‘Royal Standard.’   $20.00

Hope – Dwarf. One of the newest miniature hostas available, ‘Hope’ has spoon-shaped medium green leaves edged with gold. Great when planted with ‘Pandora’s Box’ as both are ‘Baby Bunting’ sports.   $20.00

H. 'Hope'

Hush Puppie - Small.  $22

Hyacinthina - Large. The large, elongated, pointed dark green leaves of 'Hyacinthina' help to create a tropical look in the landscape.  It tolerates sun well and quickly forms into a clump.   $7.00

Hyuga Urajiro - Small.  $24

Ice Cream – Small. New. Deep green heart-shaped leaves of good substance have an attractive gold margin; excellent growth rate.   $20.00

Independence - PP#17,044. - Medium.  This unique hosta is for the collector.  Thick, dark green leaves are edged in cream.  Within the cream margin one will see unique "grass clippings" of darker green.  There are few hostas with this unique feature of specs and splashes.  This hosta has the reverse variegation of H. 'Revolution'.  $22.00     

Inniswood - Medium. Bright gold, heavily corrugated, broad heart-shaped leaves have a deep green margin and excellent substance. Another award winning hosta and a great variety known for its beautifully textured leaves.   $18.00

Invincible - Medium. Perhaps the shiniest green hosta ever introduced, this one tolerates sun well and multiplies rapidly. Good for mass planting; fragrant light lavender flowers.   $8.00

H. Invincible'

at Shades of Green

Iron Gate Delight - Large. A CHOICE selection. Has green, shiny smooth leaves with a wide, creamy white border, very fragrant light lavender flowers and a vigorous growth rate.   $15.00

Iron Gate Glamour – Large. Glossy elongated leaves are edged with a thin creamy border; boasts fragrant lavender flowers in July.   $18.00

Island Charm – Dwarf. Yellow centered leaves change to white with more light and are surrounded by a medium green border. Flower stems are pinkish with lavender flowers. Very pretty!   $20.00

Ivory Coast - $30.00

Jade Cascade - Large. Very dark green, elongated leaves will form a large, graceful vase-like clump with maturity; hard to find.   $24.00

Jimmy Crack Corn – Large. This new one has large, deeply veined gold leaves with a prominent piecrust edge; leaves are held horizontally. A sport of ‘Piedmont Gold’ with near white flowers.   $24.00

Journey's End - PP#16,895.  Large.  WOW!  This beauty is one of the best new plant introductions to enter the gardening world this year.  This sport of the gorgeous 'Choo Choo Train' forms a large specimen clump of ruffled, deeply veined  golden leaves beautifully edged with a streaky margin consisting of several shades of green.  Forming a symmetrical clump, the colors of this hosta will glow when grown in shade and out of the direct sunlight.  With the reverse coloration of the hosta 'American Icon', this very exciting hosta has won several awards and is sure to gain popularity just as quickly.  $30.00      

Julia -    Large.  This is another "green  hosta with a white edge" which looks like 'Francee', but the margin appears to be cream colored.  A Fortunei 'Hyacinthina' sport.  $18.00

June - Medium. EXCELLENT! The beautiful variegated sport of ‘Halcyon’ with gold leaves with an irregular blue margin. Center fades to cream with more sunlight; great substance. Requires good morning sun for best variegation. ’June’ must be seen to be appreciated. Selected as America Hosta Growers selection for 2001 Hosta of the Year!   $18.00

H. 'June'

at Shades of Green

June Fever PP#15,340.  Medium.  If you like 'June' you are sure to love this new hosta!  Basically, this is a near all gold form of 'June' with a narrow blue-green margin that occasionally jets into the center of each leaf.  Leaves have great substance and are quite shiny, which makes this plant stand out among other hostas.  $22.00     

Just So - Dwarf. One great tiny hosta. The pleasing chartreuse-yellow, broadly heart-shaped, dimpled leaves of this small grower have a narrow darker green margin. Excellent for use in the rock garden. Simply cute!   $14.00

Kathryn Lewis – Medium. This eye-catcher changes in appearance all season. Similar to ‘June’, thick gold centered leaves are pointed with a narrow blue-green margin; tolerates more sunlight. Rare.   $24.00

Katsuragawa Beni - Medium.  From Japan, this unique hosta has narrow shiny green leaves with crimson leaf stems.  Sometimes crimson spots appear on the leaves.  Another choice hosta for the collector who appreciates red with green!  $20

Kifukurin Ko Mame - Dwarf. A tiny cream-margined hosta with waxy, dark green leaves that form cute clumps. A gracillima hybrid. Excellent for use in the miniature garden.   $18.00

King Tut - Small. A beautiful bright gold hosta with flat, heart-shaped leaves that emerge chartreuse.  White bell-shaped flowers rise above the golden foliage.  Its size and bright quality lend it to many uses.   $16.00

Komodo Dragon -  Very Large - This is one very impressive hosta specimen.  Our display clump is truly stunning.  This hosta has green-gray leaves with beautiful deeply impressed, parallel veins.  The leaf margin has a beautiful ripple and each pointed leaf is held outward, forming a tall, symmetrical clump that may reach seven feet across!  When the soil is moist, this crisp hosta stands very tall.  Grand!  WOW!  $25.00

Krossa Regal - Large. A classic hosta famous for its upright, vase-shaped form and frosty gray-blue leaves.  It has good sun tolerance and produces tall bloom scapes.   $10.00

Lacy Belle – Medium. Blue-green, wavy pointed leaves are bordered by a creamy edge that changes to white throughout summer.   (Limited)  $24.00

Lady Isobel Barnett - Very Large. A mutation of the famous ‘Sum and Substance’. Leathery and glossy dark green leaves have a narrow gold edge. This plant will grow into a massive specimen of six feet wide or more and has a superb growth rate.   $20.00

laevigata - Small.  This species of hosta was discovered in Korea.  It has bright green leaves with wavy margins that form a dense mound; shiny underneath.  $20.00

Lakeside April Snow - Medium.  Beautiful spring green leaves have a wide white margin that streaks into the center of the leaf.  A vigorous grower with good substance and white flowers, this hosta is elegant in appearance.  $20.00 

Lakeside Black Satin -  Medium.  This hosta is unique and not just another green hosta.  Leaves are forest green and actually glisten and sparkle if you take the time to look.  The nice heart-shaped leaves have small ripples throughout and the clump has nice bell-shaped, striped  medium purple flowers.  We like this hosta!  $24.00

Lakeside Cha Cha -   Large.  This hosta displays the rare color combination of gold and white, which is often difficult to find in hostas.  Large leaves have a wavy edge and turn bright gold with more sunlight.  The plant has an upright and cascading form which is very nice, making for a very attractive clump.  $20.00

Lakeside Coal Miner -  Medium.  Very shiny dark green leaves tend to be held out horizontally and have a nice wavy margin. The dark appearance of this variety make this a nice addition to the contrast of variegated hostas.  Flowers are deep purple.  $24.00

Lakeside Looking Glass -  Small.  For us, this is a controversial hosta.  Visitors either find it very attractive or express a dislike for the appearance of the plant.  It is more attractive early in the season and is noticeably shiny in appearance compared to other hostas.  The undersides of the leaves are like plastic and both sides of the leaf shine as if they are wet.  Medium green leaves have a wavy edge.  A yingeri seedling.  $20.00

Lakeside Zinger - Dwarf.  This little hosta forms a very compact, low clump of oval shaped medium green leaves edged with an irregular white margin with green speckles.  Unique.  A nice addition for the front of the border where it can be appreciated.  $20

lancifolia - Medium.  Okay, this is the common hosta that everyone can identify!  It's got glossy green lance-shaped leaves and is often used as an edger along sidewalks, paths or next to foundations and makes a nice symmetrical clump or mini hedge.  We think it's also good for erosion control, filling in areas where few other plants will grow or planting among other variegated hostas.  $5.00  

Leading Lady - Large. This commanding variety is admired by many of our visitors. It has large, heart-shaped dark green, cream edged leaves of thick substance with an upright growth habit.   $24.00

Leather Sheen - Small. An excellent small hosta with very dark green, leather-like, glossy lance-shaped leaves. Forms a compact, flat growing clump. Heavy substance. A very unique green.   $10.00

Lemon Delight - Small. A rapidly growing hosta that originated in England with dark green, slender leaves that have a narrow yellow margin.  It forms a small, very dense clump. Rare.   $16.00

Lemon Lime - $10.00

Lemon Twist – Medium. Chartreuse leaves turn to gold and have wavy margins; lavender flowers; forms a neat clump.   $18.00

Leola Fraim - Large. Large, heart-shaped medium green leaves cup with maturity and develop a wide white margin. This variety has a good growth rate.   $14.00

Liberty PP# 12, 531 - Medium to Large.  Looking at the picture we took below, the beauty of this stunning new introduction needs no explanation!  'Liberty' is a beautiful sport of 'Sagae', the famous 2000 Hosta of the Year! (see 'Sagae')  Upright growth.  $25.00         

H. 'Liberty'

Limey Lisa – Dwarf. Weirdly named, this tiny selection has spoon-shaped "frog" green colored leaves of very good substance.   $18.00

Little Aurora -   Dwarf.  A small gold hosta great for the front border.  This cute hosta will create a bright spot in a shady area and has intense puckering for a little plant!  Grows 10 inches tall.  Limited supply.  $10.00

Little Sunspot – Small. This radiant specimen features a bright yellow leaf center and impressive irregular wide green margin. It is a mutation of ‘Little Aurora’.   $20.00

Little Wonder - Dwarf. One of the cutest little hostas available. Leaves are narrow, wavy and have a creamy edge. A tiny one!   $14.00

Lonesome Dove PP#17,294.  Small.  This nicely named hosta is known for its beautiful variegation and good substance for a smaller hosta.  Cupped blue-green leaves have a creamy center and develop more texture with maturity, making this variety special for the front of the border where it can be appreciated.  $25.00  

Love Pat - Medium. A classic blue hosta with excellent substance. Leaves are round and extremely quilted. Reported to be slug resistant due to the extreme thickness of its mature leaves.   $12.00

Lucy Vitols - Medium. The extremely pleated, nicely textured round leaves of yellow-green surrounded by a narrow, dark green margin; excellent substance. Peculiar.   $20.00

Lunar Orbit - Medium. Simply BEAUTIFUL! Yellow-green leaves are surrounded by a stable blue-green border. Multiplies rapidly. Our favorite of the ‘August Moon’ mutations.   $16.00

H. 'Lunar Orbit'

Manhatttan - $25.00

Maraschino Cherry - Medium. The all green sport of ‘Cherry Berry’ with narrow, shiny dark green leaves. Lavender flowers are produced on tall, dark red flower stems.   $15.00

Mardi Gras -   Large. This new hosta will eventually form a symmetrical clump of textured, pointed green leaves edged in cream.  The leaf surface is slightly shiny, helping to make this hosta stand out from the rest.  The parents of this cross are nigrescens 'Elatior' and 'Christmas Tree'. $25.00

Masquerade - Dwarf. One of the showiest dwarf hostas consisting of white centered leaves with two-toned green margins. Another popular miniature hosta for the small shade or rock garden.   $12.00

Mastodon -  Very Large.  Huge, round blue leaves characterize this big hosta.  With maturity, leaves develop intense puckering, making this a clump that is sure to draw attention.  Blue leaves gradually become green through the season.  $20.00

Maui Buttercups - $20.00

Medusa - Dwarf. Unique. The long, narrow, wavy leaves are ivory centered, have a green margin and twist beautifully. The plant has a low growth habit. Unusual.   $25.00

Midas Touch - Medium. A classic gold hosta of superb quality.  It has extremely crinkled and cupped leaves and forms an upright clump.  It tolerates more sunlight, turning golden-bronze with more sun. A Tokudama hybrid.  Very fine.   $16.00

Midwest Magic - Medium. Gold centered, semi-glossy leaves have a deep green margin. A ‘Zounds’ sport with a nice variegation pattern.   $20.00

Mildred Seaver - Medium. Medium green crinkled leaves have a yellowish-white margin; rapid growth rate. Named after the famous hosta hybridizer.   $10.00

Millennium - Large.  $24

Millie’s Memoirs - Medium. Outstanding! Dark green, puckered leaves have a streaky gold margin; leaves slightly cupped and have excellent substance. This is a mutation of ‘Aspen Gold’ with nice substance.  Inquire with us about the availability of this hosta.  $25.00

Ming Jade – Large. This uncommon selection has large, thick dark green leaves and forms a large clump; attractive white flowers.   $32.00

Minuteman - Medium. A fine hosta similar to ‘Patriot’ with darker green leaf centers and a contrasting creamy white edge; very good substance. A striking combination of green and white. Showy!   $18.00

H. 'Minuteman'

at Shades of Green

Miss Ruby - Small.  $24

Miss Saigon - Medium.  This is not just another green hosta with white margins!  A new, fast growing sport of 'Fragrant Bouquet,'  this variety displays a very dark green glossy leaf surrounded by a beautifully painted white margin. In August, large, very fragrant light lavender flowers appear.  (Limited)  $25.00

Miss Tokyo - Large.  "Majestic" is the word used to describe this new and exciting hosta.  Large green leaves each possess a very wide yellow margin that may fade to cream later in the season.  Introduced to the hosta world by Hideko Gowen of Minnesota in honor of her Japanese heritage.  $24.00   

montana – Large. Large, green, pointed leaves form an upright clump; ideal planted as a specimen or background planting.   $10.00

montana ‘Aureomarginata’ - Very Large. Oooh! A necessity for every gardener! Green, pointed, arching wedge-shaped leaves have an irregular yellow margin that turns to cream in summer; upright form. A beautiful specimen that is sure to be admired in every garden. We highly recommend this hosta.   Bonnie's favorite hosta!   $16.00

H. montana "Aureomarginata'

at Shades of Green

montana ‘Mountain Snow’ – Large. A montana hosta with heavily veined dark green leaves with a wide, pure white edge and gray streaking deep into the center of the leaf.   $15.00

montana ‘On Stage’ – Large. RARE. Another collector’s hosta. Bright yellow leaf centers with an irregular green margin; center fades to cream in summer. Requiring more sun to grow properly, the reverse variegation of montana ‘Aureomarginata.’   $24.00

H. 'On Stage'

Moon River - Small. Very attractive blue-green, heart-shaped leaves with a white margin; a nice, small compact clump.   $18.00

Moonlight - Medium. Yellow-gold leaves in summer with a white margin. A fast grower and very unique in appearance.   $12.00

Moonlight Sonata – Medium. This variety has a very appealing combination of thick, leathery shiny green leaves and fragrant flowers in late summer; newer and hard to find.   $30.00

Mourning Dove PP#17,311  Medium.  $28

Neptune PPAF - Medium.  $28

Niagara Falls - Large. Large gray-green leaves that develop a nice sheen. Develops into a fountain-like mound when mature.   $30.00

Night before Christmas - Medium. Large, velvety, pointed deep green leaves have an irregular, pure white center that runs the entire length of the leaf; tolerates some sun; upright growth habit.   $14.00

H. 'Night before Christmas'

at Shades of Green

nigrescens ‘Elatior’ - Very Large. A massive vase-shaped specimen plant with shiny dark green leaves. Forms a huge, impressive clump; flower stems may grow to six feet or more.   $20.00

Northern Exposure - Large. Large, flat, puckered blue-green leaves with a wide yellow margin which fades to cream. A sieboldiana ‘Elegans’ sport; white flowers.   $20.00

Northern Halo - Large. Similar to ‘Northern Exposure.’ A sieboldiana ‘Elegans’ mutation of blue-green puckered and crumpled leaves with a wide creamy white border.   Sorry, not available for 2008.  $18.00

Old Glory PP #12,503– Medium. This very recent introduction has bright gold heart-shaped leaves with an uneven two-tone green edge. Leaves are nicely veined and have a pleasing rippled edge.   $20.00

Olive Bailey Langdon - Large. Beautiful! A large growing clump with large blue-green, corrugated leaves and a very wide gold margin. Similar to ‘Frances Williams’ but improved as it is larger and its variegation pattern lasts later into the summer.   $20.00

Olive Branch – Medium. Very Unique! Green heart-shaped leaves each have a unique, streaky butterscotch colored center.   $30.00

Olympic Edger - Small.  This sport of 'Gold Edger" is not widely available on the market.  The limey green leaves of this variety are edged with a very fine white margin.  Good substance and compact form allow this hosta grow into a symmetrical clump.  $30.00

One Man's Treasure -  Medium.  In recent years, there has been a trend for red petioles (leaf stems) among hosta collectors.  The shiny, dark green pointed leaves of this variety stand rather upright, showing petioles that are red on both sides and extend into the leaf blade. Add to this, nice purple flowers in August with red stems and seed pods. Also check out 'Red October' if you like red!  $24.00

opipara ‘Koriyama’ – Medium. An attractive Japanese variety not widely available.  Green leaves have a nice yellow edge; purple striped flowers.   Unique!  $24.00

Orange Marmalade PP#16,742.  Large.  This hosta is popular because of its striking color that holds from early spring throughout the growing season.  Leaves are "orange-gold" and edged in blue.  As the season progresses, the leaf center turns a soft buttery yellow color.  It is a sport of the popular 'Paul's Glory' and was one of the most admired hostas by visitors last year in our display beds last year!  By the way, we have over 500 varieties in our collection!  $25.00

Pandora’s Box - Dwarf. A GEM! For the collector. The cutest hosta on the market. Leaves are rounded and have pure white centers with a streaky green and blue margin.  Just look at this wonderful picture's a true jewel!  It is our opinion that this little plant changed the gardening world forever.    $20.00

H. 'Pandora's Box'

at Shades of Green

Paradigm - Large. Beautiful gold leaves of good substance are edged in blue-green. A good grower and a sport of ‘Abiqua Recluse.’  Selected by the American Hosta Grower's Association as 2007 Hosta of the Year!  Outstanding !  $24.00

Paradise Joyce - PP# 12,119 - Medium.  Another striking sport of the classic hosta 'Halcyon.'  Thick pointed leaves are edged in blue with the leaf center gradually lightening from light green to a soft yellow late in summer.  We are proud to offer this rare hosta variety.  $25.00

Paradise Power - Large.  This is one of our favorite new varieties.  Outstanding!  Pointed, nicely veined yellow-gold leaves are surrounded by an irregular two-tone green border.  This is a fantastic sport of 'Sun Power' with the same size and form.  $20.00

Parhelion - Very Large.  A sport of 'Sum and Substance' with huge, gold-chartreuse leaves of heave substance  surrounded by a narrow cream margin.  Leaves may sup upward with maturity.  $18.00

Parky’s Prize – Small. Recently introduced, this appealing selection has dark green leaves edged with a crisp yellow margin.  A good grower with very nice coloration.   $20.00

 Patriot - Medium. SHOWY! Very popular due to its dark green leaves and very wide, pure white margins. This plant stands out from a distance. We highly recommend this variety for every garden. American Hosta Growers selection for 1997 Hosta of the Year!   $10.00

H. 'Patriot'

at Shades of Green

Paul’s Glory - Medium. LOVELY! Yellow-centered heart-shaped leaves are bordered by a blue-green streaked margin; center fades to near white in summer; very good growth rate. An exciting addition to every garden. Spectacular! Very large plants to offer. American Hosta Growers selection for 1999 Hosta of the Year!   $16.00

H. 'Paul's Glory'

Peanut - Dwarf.  $24

Peedee Gold Flash - Medium. Leaves are lance-shaped, yellow and ruffled with a narrow green margin; plant erect.  (Limited)  $16.00

Peridot – Medium. Shiny, dark green pointed leaves combined with prominent, deep veins make this green variety very appealing.   $25.00

Permanent Wave - Small. Leaves are medium green, lance-shaped with an extremely wavy, rippled margin. Lavender flowers.   $15.00

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake - Medium.  This distinct variety really stands out and from the rest.  It features narrow light yellow leaves edged with a very narrow green wavy margin.  A sport of 'Pineapple Poll'.  $24.00 

Pizzazz - Large. Frosted blue, puckered heart-shaped leaves with some irregular yellow and white streaking; white margins.   $12.00

H. 'Pizzazz'

at Shades of Green

plantaginea Medium-Large. Large, light green, smooth shiny leaves. This hosta is typically grown for its huge, pure white very fragrant flowers, the largest of any hosta; rapid growth rate.   $10.00

plantaginea 'Grandiflora' - Medium.  This old fashioned green variety is mainly grown for its large, pure white fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in August.  It tolerates good sun, but should be watered well for good flower display.  $16.00

plantaginea ‘Ming Treasure’ – Large. Shiny light green leaves are surrounded by a light yellow edge changing to white. Long, trumpet-shaped large white fragrant flowers in August. This variety of hosta tolerates more sun.   $28.00

Platinum Tiara – Small. Chartreuse, rounded leaves with a variable white margin. Good growth rate; forms a dense mound.   $10.00

Popo – Dwarf. Tiny heart-shaped blue-green leaves; forms a neat low growing mound; rapid growth rate.   $18.00

Potomac Pride – Large. Deep green, glossy smooth leaves have heavy substance and puckering. A ‘Blue Umbrellas’ seedling.   $18.00

Praying Hands -  Small.  This interesting hosta has been the talk of hosta collectors and is now available on the market.  Fine, narrow dark green leaves with a narrow cream edge are held upright, representing hands folded in prayer. Some would argue that this is not a hosta, but it is, indeed.  We continue to be amazed at the popularity of this plant!  We think this is one that you will either like or leave!  $24.00

Queen Josephine - Medium. A splendid hosta! Attractive, glossy dark green leaves are bordered by a wide yellow margin that turns lighter in summer. A classy addition to the landscape.   $16.00

Queen of the Seas - Large.  From the famous hosta lady Mildred Seaver comes this beautiful specimen hosta.  With its regal appearance, the clump stands upright and has large, broad pointed gray-green leaves, deep veins and a wonderful piecrust edge.  Majestic in its appearance, this hosta is sure to stand out.  $25.00       

Quilting Bee – Small. Green, puckered heart-shaped leaves form a compact, miniature clump. A super miniature hosta variety.   $24.00


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